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GPS3 is designed to serve public safety agencies and prospective applicants by making a single application simultaneously available to all participating agencies following a standardized background investigation process, resulting in a pool of qualified candidates. For the prospective applicant, GPS3 provides a listing of existing vacancies in participating agencies, and the ability to register online to begin the background process. Read more about our services below.

Promotional Assessment

GPS3 has conducted numerous promotional assessment labs and written exams within the State of Georgia for all ranks up to and including Chief of Police. Candidate behaviors are evaluated by trained observers using multiple inputs to gain consensus on the following dimensions deemed necessary for a successful leader:

  • Leadership
  • Judgment/Decision making
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Job Knowledge
  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
Pre-Employment Screening

GPS3 was created to serve public safety agencies within the State of Georgia with the intent to save your agency and prospective applicant’s time, effort and money by providing a single source that allows you to access background files, select applicants for interviews and fill your vacancies. In addition, our service will:

  • Extend your recruitment efforts beyond your community by providing a listing service;
  • Establish a Standard for Selection regardless of agency size or location;
  • Actively recruit the most qualified and competent individual seeking a public safety position;
  • Conduct a comprehensive background investigation that will include pre-screening measures necessary to establish eligibility and, following a conditional job offer, a polygraph and psychological exam.
  • Provide additional screening measures that assess an applicant’s writing/reading levels and social skills.

We are unique from many other screening services because our staff recognizes that background investigations are among the most important and challenging investigations that agencies will conduct. Trained law enforcement personnel conduct these investigations and are fully aware of your need to attract, hire and retain the BEST candidate for your agency.

Polygraph Examination

A polygraph is a useful tool that:

  • Verifies applicant information
  • Provides the ability to uncover information not obtained through the background screening process
  • Provides the likelihood of uncovering undetected crimes and indiscretions
  • Results in a Higher Quality employee
  • Results in fewer unqualified candidates

The Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Test (LEPET) is used and comes from the Multi General Question Test (MGQT) family and is the prescribed test for ALL federal agencies and Department of Defense. Relevant questions posed to applicants concern their previous drug use and involvement, undetected serious crimes and falsification of their application. The computerization of polygraph testing and the level of training of the examiner insure results from 94% to 97% accuracy.

Job Task Analysis

Job Task Analysis is the basic analytical process underlying most elements of personnel management including selection, training, compensation, performance evaluation, placement, etc. Without job task analysis information, it is difficult to determine accurately what kind of training is needed, what kind of employee should be hired or promoted, and what might constitute acceptable performance. GPS3 has performed job task analysis and developed numerous promotional assessment centers over the years to ensure agencies are in compliance with federal laws and regulations.

GPS3 Training Programs*

Training Program: Leadership—Past, Present & Future

Summary: “Proactive Managers” must be future-oriented, not wedded to the past in order to maintain status quo, and inclined to be “problem finders” instead of “problem solvers.” They must also have the heart of a servant in dealing with people and be able to motivate others to engage in the service of innovation. This three-day course, delivered in a lecture/discussion format, is designed for Police Administrators, Supervisors and Managers and will illustrate the basic principles of effective leadership. Topics will cover:

  • Leadership Theories & Styles
  • Management in Transition
  • Management Skills & Roles
  • Motivating Employees
  • Personality & Human Behavior
  • Stress in Organizational Life
  • Organizational Change
  • Future Trends

Training Program: Effective Supervision—Are You Making a Difference?

Summary: There is an old adage that police supervisors spend 80% of their time with 20% of their employees, dealing with their problems and taking corrective action. Most supervisors say they are helpless or unable to effectively deal with the problem employee. This program is designed to assist police supervisors and managers in dealing with the problem employee and provides a meaningful process for doing so. Topics include:

  • A Problem of Supervision?
  • Categories of Employees
  • Identifying the Traits
  • Where Supervisors Fail
  • Making a Difference on the Line
  • Making a Difference at the Top

Training Program: Future Trends—Policing in the 21st Century

Our world and society, in general, are changing dramatically in large measure by demographics, economics and technology. The Greeks believed you could discover the past however it could not be changed; the future could not be discovered however it could be changed. This half-day program is designed to assist police administrators, managers and supervisors in understanding how change will impact their ability to attract and retain competent people, adapt to the changing trends and maintain public trust. This lecture/discussion will use historical perspectives to analyze the future in these areas:

  • Historical Perspective (Smokestack to Present)
  • Factors for Predicting the Future
  • The Changing Face of America (Demographics, Economics, Technology)
  • Predictions for the Police: Signs of Things to Come, Recruitment & Selection of Officers, Educating & Training, Special Problems in the 21st Century, Leadership Skills for the Future

*Additional Public Safety Training is available through GPS3’s sister company Sampson Psychological Testing and Training. Please follow this link to learn more about these powerful programs:

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After registering with GPS3, you will be called by one of our staff to schedule an appointment and given additional information that will prepare you for the background investigation process.