Frequently Asked Questions      

• What is the Georgia Public Safety Screening Service (GPS3)?
The Georgia Public Safety Screening Service (GPS3) is a center created to serve public safety agencies within the State of Georgia by providing a means of listing job vacancies and maintaining a registry of “qualified applicants” for consideration by police, sheriff, fire and correction agencies.

• What is the purpose of the GPS3?
Seeking a job and conducting background investigations require a lot of time and effort. GPS3 saves money by providing a single source screening process to prospective applicants and allows contracted public safety agencies to access “qualified applicant” information.

• What fees are associated with the process?
Fees are based on the number of components involved in the background investigation. Most hiring agencies will require (at a minimum) a comprehensive background investigation report to be completed following a face-to-face interview with GPS3 staff. In anticipation of other components, we have created a Tiered Fee Schedule:

BRONZE   Applicant Interview with Comprehensive Background Investigation Report.

SILVER   Applicant Interview with Comprehensive Background Investigation Report; Psychological Assessment.   $325  
GOLD   Applicant Interview with Comprehensive Background Investigation Report; Psychological Assessment and Polygraph Examination.   $450  
PLATINUM   Applicant Interview with Comprehensive Background Investigation Report; Psychological Assessment; Polygraph Examination; Social Skills Assessment and Writing Skills Assessment.   $550  

GPS3 has a special relationship with our academic institutions, resulting in reduced fees for their candidates. These fees DO NOT cover any of the enrollment costs (e.g., tuition, application fees) associated with the Technical College, Reinhardt University, other academic institutions, or the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council

• What does the background screening process consist of?
The process is divided into two (2) phases; Phase 1 is designed to validate your application, pre-employment questionnaire and other documents you provide. A preliminary interview will be scheduled at which time waivers and release forms will be signed. Generally, contact will be made with previous employers, personal references, and other inquiries will be made into your background. Additionally, assessments will be conducted to assess your Social, Listening, Observational and Writing skills.

Phase 2 consists of polygraph examination, medical examination, drug screening and psychological testing; these occur after you have interviewed with an agency and a conditional job/position offer has been extended.

I am a Peace Officer with an Out-of-State Certification; what do I do next?

Eligible Federal Peace Officers, Military Peace Officers, and Out-of-State Peace Officers, may be eligible to take the Equivalency of Training (EOT) exam. You may be eligible for an exemption from the full basic law enforcement training course (17-18 weeks) if you were an officer in another state or with the federal government and meet the following requirements:

1. You attended a basic law enforcement training course in another state or with the federal government;
2. Your certification as a peace officer in another state or with the federal government is valid; and
3. You have not had more than a three (3) year break in employment as a law enforcement officer.

The break in employment is measured from the separation date of the most recent qualifying employment to the time a complete application requesting exemption from training is received by GAPOSTC. Once you document that you are eligible for EOT, a testing date will be scheduled. The examination consists of 200 multiple choice questions. The minimum passing score is 80%. FEES: The administrative fee for EOT and Application Processing is $250 payable to GAPOSTC.

Those who fail the EOT will be required to successfully complete the entire Basic Law Enforcement Certification course in order to be eligible for peace officer certification.

While it may seem reasonable to take the Equivalency of Training (EOT) Exam in hopes of reducing your training hours, our experience and dialogue with others have indicated that very few individuals have successfully passed this exam.

Be mindful you will be required to take the ASSET, or COMPASS test as discussed earlier, or provide documentation that shows successful completion of other college admission tests (SAT, ACT or CPE) necessary to satisfy the requirements of the POST Entrance Examination.

You are strongly encouraged to call GAPOSTC at (770) 732-5974 to discuss your eligibility for the EOT and any other questions related to certification in Georgia prior to applying with GPS3.

• What do I need to bring with me to the initial appointment?
Our website provides you with a link to the Applicant Information Packet. This packet contains important information you need to know in order to prepare for the pre-employment interview conducted by one of our background investigators. You are strongly encouraged to access and print the document for reference.

• Can I apply with an agency rather than registering with GPS3?
Certainly; most agencies are free to consider any applicant. Many will refer you to back to us for initial screening

• What if I am travelling from out of town?
Appointments can be scheduled to minimize your travel time and needs. While it makes for a longer day, if you give us sufficient notice we can work with you to complete most of the screening process in a single day. This requires preparation on your part as well as ours for a satisfactory outcome!

• What if I cannot keep an appointment?
Appointments are made on a first come-first serve basis following your registration. If a conflict arises, please contact us as soon as you know -- we will work with you to reschedule the appointment on a one time basis. If you fail to show up without notice for a schedule appointment, you will be withdrawn from the process and depending on where you are in the process additional fees may be charged to “reactivate” your file. You should anticipate a minimum of 1 hour for your initial appointment with GPS3 staff.


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