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By registering with our service you have the unique ability to begin a background screening process that is deemed acceptable to multiple public safety agencies. Upon successful completion of the background, your name will be placed in a Registry that is made available to multiple public safety agencies within the State of Georgia.

Our service eliminates the need for you to travel from agency to agency submitting applications and other supporting documents such as college diplomas, copies of birth certificates, and social security cards. While we cannot guarantee an interview or employment, you can be assured that your eligibility will be provided to the participating agencies for consideration in a job interview. More information can be found at:

Applicant Information Packet” - or
"Pre-Screening Questionnaire".

After registering with Georgia Public Safety Screening Service (GPS3) you will be called by one of our staff to schedule an appointment and at that time you will be given additional information that will prepare you for the background investigation process.


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